What sets us apart

About Escouade Couvreur

Our team has the skills to carry out the repair or replacement of your roof, it also holds the necessary accreditations and its know-how is exemplary wherever it meets the customers.

Our slogan, "The customer first... and always! follows our steps every day." 

We are committed to helping our customers and our expertise in the field is attested to by many. Today, it is not enough to do the work, we must also listen to our customers, know their needs, answer all their questions and offer them advantageous solutions.

Customer-focused roofing services

Our customer service allows for warm exchanges, our estimates are based on a fair evaluation of the work, and a work schedule allows the customer to have the right time. Our on-site teams are professional, attentive and love a job well done. At the end of the work, we take care to discuss with the client, show him the results and let him know that a quality control was done before we left.

This human touch adds to the professionalism of Escouade Couvreur. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our know-how, by the quality of the materials used, but also by the proximity we establish with our customers. 

We develop long-term relationships with our customers and ensure a highly professional service.

At Escouade Couvreur, we never stop learning. Our team shares the knowledge it has acquired and each of its members is involved in a continuous training program to discover new developments and to spread competence and professionalism in the field. The longevity of our company depends largely on the know-how of our team of seasoned experts.

We know roofing. Trust a dynamic team that cares about exemplary work. Escouade Couvreur, the master roofer you need!

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